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Murals and Street Art

Walking around the City of Perth, you’re likely to stumble across a colourful mural or be captivated by some street art. 

As our urban art scene evolves, new works are appearing across the city, adding vibrancy to the streets. Some of the works are ephemeral, which means they may only last for a short time before being painted over or replaced with something new. 

The City has gained international attention in recent years, with works from some of the world’s best street artists gracing its buildings and lining laneways. 

To keep up to date with the city’s evolving urban art scene and to find out where to go to see the art up close, check out our online Mural and Street Art Map.  

  • Border Crossing mural near Roe Street

    Border Crossing (2012)

    Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar

  • I Must Stay On Task mural in Target Lane

    I Must Stay On Task (2011)

    David Turkey

  • Leda and the Swan (2009)


  • Light Locker Art Space in Grand Lane

    Light Locker Art Space

    Various Artists

  • Night Forest mural in Howard Lane

    Night Forest (2010)


  • Self-Protection of the Immigrant in Ourself mural at Central TAFE

    Self-Protection of the Immigrant in Ourself (2014)

    Pixel Pancho

  • Succeed in Absence mural at Errichetti PLace

    Succeed in Absence

    Mel McVee

  • The Conversation mural at Howard Lane

    The Conversation (2010)

    Stormie Mills

  • Untitled mural in Grand Lane


    Bonsai and Twoone

  • Untitled mural in Grand Lane


    Timothy Rollins

  • Various mural in Prince Lane


    Various Artists

  • Vibrant pop-surrealism style mural lit up at night featuring Australian flora and fauna

    Kid Koala Playing God and Kingaroo

    Okuda San Miguel

    Forrest Square Car Park
  • Oil painting feel mural with a young postal worker delivering parcels alongside a black swan

    The Boy on the Red Bike


    Australia Post building, Rokeby Road
  • Vibrant wall mural with colour contrast and shapes


    Sioux Tempestt

    Laneway behind 1-13 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
  • Vic Park street art - Jumping the shark

    Jumping the Shark


    Leonard Street, Victoria Park
  • Street Art, vic park, never stop playing

    Never Stop Playing

    Hayley Welsh

    128A Burswood Road
  • Vic Park street art, heart of the sea

    Heart of the Sea

    Chris Nixon

    Corner of Albany Highway and Harper Street