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Kingspark Skyworks

Kings Park’s stunning location overlooks Perth City and the Swan River, which makes for a popular location to set up a picnic with friends and family to watch the Skyworks show which starts at 8pm.

The Skyworks barges face the city skyline which will give you an angled view of the fireworks. For the first time this year there will be speakers along part of Fraser Avenue to broadcast the soundtrack to the fireworks.

This area tends to attract those who are looking for a more relaxed way to spend their Australia Day.


Plan your day

Time Event
2pm EventArrive to get a good spot
Time3pm  Event Air Show starts
Time6:30pm EventBYO zones open
Time8pm EventSkyworks

Frequently asked questions

  • Parking and road closures

    If you plan to drive, please refer to the road closure map for all road closures and associated times. Road closures will cause delays when exiting some car parks. Roads will reopen at approximately 11.30pm or earlier if deemed safe by WA Police.

    • Closest CPP Parking:
      - CPP John Oldman Park
      - CPP Mounts Bay Road
    • Limited parking is available at Jorang Drive and Lotterywest Car Park; once full, access to these car parks will be closed, or at 5pm when Kings Park Road closes.
    • ACROD Parking is available at the Wadjuk Car Park; entry from Saw Avenue only – must display a valid permit to gain entry.
    • Taxis and rideshare vehicles (marked only) can enter from Saw Avenue and drop passengers at the Wadjuk Car Park.
    • The Rotary Club of Matilda Bay offers reserved parking for just $22 right outside the main entrance to Kings Park.  The site opens at 3pm until 6.30pm and casual parking is available on the day but not guaranteed. To reserve your parking bay, click here. All proceeds will aid Rotary Club of Matilda Bay Community projects.

  • Public transport
    If you are catching the train the closest station is Elizabeth Quay, where you can then catch one of the many buses from St George's Terrace to Kings Park, plan your journey here.
  • Toilet Access

    Public toilet facilities are available throughout Kings Park and Botanic Garden. In addition, temporary toilet facilities are situated in the Kattidj Close Car Park and Wadjuk Car Park. 
  • Lost Children

    There will be a Lost Child point within the Kings Park Skyworks event area, staffed by the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation.

    If you lose a child, please check in with the Lost Child point located on Fraser Avenue opposite Fraser’s Restaurant. If your child is not there, Constable Care Child Safety Foundation staff will work with event security to assist in locating your child. If you find a lost child, accompany them to the Lost Child point. Alternatively, a Police Officer or Security Guide will accompany children to the nearest Lost Child point. Parents can collect a Constable Care Safety Band from the Lost Child point upon arrival, write their contact details on it and attach it to their child’s wrist.

  • Can I drink at Kings Park?

    Yes, 18+ event-goers may bring either one six-pack of beer or mixed drinks, or one bottle of wine per adult to be consumed between 6.30pm and 8.45pm in the dedicated BYO Picnic Zone (western and eastern side of Fraser Avenue and bound by Wadjuk Way and Administration Road). Anyone not abiding by these conditions will be required to leave the event.

  • First Aid location

    There will be a First Aid Station located at Kings Park on Fraser Avenue opposite Fraser’s Restaurant. Please make note of this location and if required please ask Event or Security staff for directions. 
  • What to bring

    Picnic rug/chairs 
    Sun protection 
    Food and plenty of water (there will be a small amount of food truck options also available) 

    Picnic and shade structures that can easily be transported by foot and taken away after the show is acceptable. It is requested that any shade equipment is dismantled at dusk for optimal fireworks viewing for all.

  • Things to leave at home

    Some items are restricted on event day and will not be allowed at Kings Park. These include:
    - Drones
    - Large objects such as large stereos, spas, fridges or furniture 
    - Sparklers, BBQ’s or open flames

    Picnic and shade structures that can easily be transported by foot and taken away after the show is acceptable. It is requested that any shade equipment is dismantled at dusk for optimal fireworks viewing for all.

  • Are there speakers at Kings Park?
    Yes, speakers broadcasting the official Skyworks soundtrack on mix94.5 are located along a section of Fraser Avenue in key viewing areas. If you wish to benefit from these speakers, ensure your location can hear the broadcast throughout the afternoon. Alternatively, bring your own analogue radio to broadcast the soundtrack.
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