Outside the Blue Room Theatre on a summer evening

Blue Room Theatre

For more than 25 years now, The Blue Room Theatre has been the City’s home of independent theatre, consistently presenting what’s next in contemporary performance. 

The Blue Room Theatre strives to foster creative talent, giving independent theatre makers the tools to get their work seen on the stage and helping them build a sustainable career in the industry.

Hang back after the show in The Blue Room Theatre bar to talk to the artists, enjoy a drink or two and wax lyrical about the night’s performance.

We encourage you to discuss, debate and enjoy The Blue Room’s eclectic program…it’s deliciously different to what you’ll find anywhere else.

You can even become a member for just $50 a year and get member discounts to all shows.

Sign outside The Blue Room Theatre
Actors dressed in eagle costumes at Blue Room Theatre
People laughing on their seats inside the Blue Room Theatre

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