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Summer School Holidays at AGWA

Visit AGWA during the school holidays and PLAY with Horizontal Geometries, FIND hexagons on the ceiling, DISCOVER stories of the building, DRAW your breath, LISTEN to your feelings and SHARE ideas.

Conversations with Rain | FREECollect your FREE interactive Unlocking Imagination journal and pencil from the front desk and let it lead you on a responsive journey through the Gallery. A shared family experience for all ages! Learn more about the Conversations with Rain program.

Imagination Room – Horizontal Geometries | FREE
Join us in the Imagination Room and PLAY with pattern, shape and colour to create your own evolving installation of hexagons, conceived by WA artist Eveline Kotai. All ages welcome! Then visit WA Now Breathing Pattern and explore the patterns and colours Eveline Kotai uses in her own work.

Dreaming in Concrete | FREE
HOW MANY HEXAGONS CAN YOU FIND IN THE AGWA BUILDING? Visit Perth Brutal: Dreaming in Concrete to find some clues!

That Seventies Feeling | FREE
Enjoy the rich colours and large scale paintings in That Seventies Feeling...the Late Modern exhibition. This exhibition is all about FEELINGS. Spend some time in front of different paintings and notice how they make you feel. Does the feeling change the longer you look?

Artmaking Workshop | Take a Chance
10.30-11.45am, Wed 8 & Fri 17 Jan | $15
Allow the curious mind to take a chance. Go on a journey to explore the artmaking process in response to works from That Seventies Feeling. Follow your curiosity, play games of chance, explore unexpected combinations of shape and colour, respond to sounds and feelings, and create a treasured work of art from recycled materials to take home with you! Click here for more information and to purchase tickets

Image credit: Artist Activation – Eveline Kotai | Horizontal Geometries