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City of Perth's latest Cultural Collections exhibition SatelLIGHTopens on the ground floor of Council House from 6 February.

The exhibition takes a light-hearted approach to exploring Perth's identity as the 'City of Light'; a name bestowed by astronaut John Glenn in 1962 when he orbited past Perth and witnessed an urban island of light surrounded by vast geographic darkness.

Featuring contemporary works of art and kitsch objects from the City of Perth Cultural Collections, SatelLIGHT provides a glimpse into the story of John Glenn and Mayor Sir Henry Howard, examining Perth's geographic uniqueness and the ways our city has reflected, reinvented and grown to be a bright, vibrant city.

SatelLIGHT is open 6 February and runs until 15 May 2020; Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

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    Event Showings

    6 February - 15 May 2020

    Monday to Friday | 9AM to 5PM.

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    Free Event

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    Council House

    Perth WA 6000

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