Lot 20's 4th Birthday

Turning four is a big event and we’d love to share it with you.

During the course of the day we will showcase all the experiences people get to enjoy at Lot 20 during the course of a year, things that will be going on:

2pm - Kids hours piñata and other activities.

3pm - An hour of beginners Spanish with complimentary Spanish wine and a tapa 

(maximum 25 people booking required)

4pm - Buy a bottle of wine at bottle shop price and we’ll shout you a cheeseboard.

5pm - An hour of Gage Roads award winning beers and a meet the Gage Roads brewer (maximum 40 people booking required)

6pm to 8pm - Gary Beadle making classic drinks to his own playlist.

9pm - Feuerzangenbowle

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    Event Showings

    Saturday 24 November

    2pm til late

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    The Cul De Sac, 198-206 William Street

    Perth WA 6000