Lucky Chans

Lucky Chan's

Lucky Chan's in Northbridge is a multi-level eatery serving up delicious ramen, baos, dumplings and more! 

Upon entry diners will wander through a faux laundry which leads to a long ground-floor bar which is also Australia's first crowd funded bar. 

Who is Lucky Chan?

Lucky Chan is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a dumping then deep-fried. 

A self-described ‘international man of mystery’, LC is the polyester suit-wearing mover and shaker of William Street laundries. No one really knows where he came from – or where he’s going.

But one thing's for sure, everyone is welcome at Lucky Chan's.

  • Godzilla Thursdays

    Godzilla Thursdays

    Godzilla ramen of your choice and a glass of Fernet Branca to digest. Those who defeat the Godzilla shall have their picture immortalised on the clothesline of fame.

    311 William Street, Northbridge
    Valid from: Thu 02 May '19

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