Wolf Lane

Wolf Lane

Wolf Lane is one of Perth’s best kept secrets. Come get lost in a small bar. Consider Wolf Lane a curation of collectables from Granny May and her life’s loves and adventures.

May has travelled the world over the last 86 years collecting antiques and mementos from all over the globe. Discover her treasures nestled down an alleyway off Murray Street, an antique garage of sorts! In her intoxicating reality, fairytale narrative takes pride and place – think Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland meets Snow White.

Dive head first into a fantasy land over a fancy cocktail (or two) and down the rabbit hole we go. Like all good grannies, May loves to bake. Jam drops and sweet treats are her speciality. You’ll find a collection of her favourite cookie tins spanning the walls. Ms May lives her life with more enthusiasm than most half her age – she can’t help but sing, dance and write.

Explore her vinyl collection, sheet music and library of weathered books and journals over a quirky bar bite, or share plate with friends.

  • Wolf Lane

    The Poison (pine)Apple

    Take a sip out of this sinfully sour cocktail, with rum, grapefruit, lime, and Maraschino liqueur, served in a succulent and juicy pineapple. Limit of 20 on offer each Thursday.

    Rear 321 Murray Street, Perth
    Valid from: Thu 02 May '19

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