Barnum Blazer | Bar Lafayette | $25
Warning: this isn’t for the faint hearted. Inspired by the Great P.T Barnum “The Greatest Showman”, this cocktail is next level with 12-year-old Glenlivet scotch, mulberry liqueur and Rockford P.S Mation Tawny and Becherovka, blazed and served hot!

Corin's Warming Winter Fortifieds | Lamont's Bishops House | $15
Get cosy by the fireplace at Lamont’s Bishops House while you sample a flight of three premium fortified wines handcrafted by Corin herself at the Swan Valley Winery for just $15. Nothing goes better with dessert wine than… well, dessert! So, treat yourself with one of their decadent options for an extra $17.50 like the peanut butter parfait sandwich with brûléed banana and salted caramel and/or the passionfruit tart with ruby chocolate mousse with double vanilla marshmallow.

El Jugo de Elsa | Caballitos | $18.50
After wowing us with their Unicorn Margarita, Caballitos have nailed it again, putting their creative spin on that princess from Frozen, welcome the El Jugo de Elsa. It sounds insane and exciting all at once with Don Julio Blanco, Marie Brizard Blue Curacao, lime and pineapple juice served in a champagne flute with an icing sugar rim and topped with a toasted marshmallow and cinnamon dust.