In 2019 the festival takes on the truth, in all its forms. Meet scientists, journalists, writers, and professionals dedicated to truths that others deny as inconvenient. Learn how your library can be a powerful weapon in the fight against truth distortion, bias and agenda.

Below are three events that will definitely spark up a conversation! All events are free to attend with no registrations required. The festival takes place on 27 and 28 July.

Any Ordinary Day with Leigh Sales

What would you do if everything you believed to be true changed in a moment? Dual Walkley Award-winner Leigh Sales discusses her new book, Any Ordinary Day, which investigates how ordinary people endure the unthinkable and are forced to explore their own truth in the face of great adversity.

You can also see Leigh in the panel discussion – Speak Your Truth

What is Truth? With Dr Karl Kruszelnicki 

Do mobile phones really cause cancer? Do vaccines cause Autism? “Facts” like these have been disproved over and over and yet they remain. Join Dr Karl Kruszelnicki as he takes a deep historical dive to uncover the mis-truths that have infiltrated our everyday.

Also see Dr Karl in a lively conversation with Professor Allan Harvey in How Reliable is Our Memory?

The Place for Truth in Our Court System with Bri Lee and Linda Black

Hear from two legal experts, award winning writer Bri Lee and criminal lawyer Linda Black, as they discuss frustrations within the Australian legal system and the fact that sometimes the truth can be lost beneath bureaucracy, red tape and archaic regulations.

You can also see Bri in the panel discussion – Speak Your Truth