Japanese food is clean, visual and refined, perfected over centuries before making its way to Australia, with the first significant influx of immigrants in the early 1900’s. Its defining qualities include using only the freshest ingredients, only lightly cooking food and using limited spices; keeping food as close as possible to its natural state. It’s not often the Japanese mix food types either, so you’ll find elegant Bentos of rice, pickles and tempura vegetables all served separately. 

Binchotan Grill and Tapas

Hay Street, Perth
As the name suggests, Binchotan Grill and Tapas is an experimental fusion of European, Australian, Korean and Japanese influences, with ingredients sometimes imported from the latter two. Opening its doors in May this year, Binchotan is still a well-kept secret tucked away on Shafto Lane, but it won’t be long before the word gets out. 

With a menu designed to share, the chefs at Binchotan creatively apply the latest techniques in modern gastronomy. You’ll find unlikely pairings as your eyes wonder down the menu; like Sukiyaki with truffle, waygu and a poached egg, next to LA ribs marinated in a Korean style soy sauce with pomme purée. 
Meticulous in preparation, it’s all in the little details at Binchotan; drying their meat over a period of 28-35 days and steamed at 100 degrees Celsius over traditional Japanese oak. To top it all off, you’ll find mulled sake served on tap to restore warmth on a cooler evening.