Lot Twenty

Lot Twenty is a popular bar, restaurant and venue that continues to offer a unique experience in Perth's Cultural Centre. 

Our famous bar offers a wide selection of drinks, from international to local bottled wine and beers, to on-tap range of beers and cider plus the most amazing array of mixed cocktails and spirits. 

When it comes to food you can enjoy eating outside on the deck, in the main bar and the upstairs bistro with open kitchen. We continue to showcase local produce in mouthwatering bites, entrees and stunning main courses. 

Special Occasions

If you want a venue with a difference for a wedding or party to better suits your tastes. Lot Twenty offers a party atmosphere for a gathering of maximum 120 people. Our hospitality is as famous as our great food and spectacular range of  drink choices.

Our Masterclasses are perfect for a memorable night. We cater for intimate groups as well as large parties. 

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    Central Perth

    Raclette Cheese = Happiness
    Raclette Northbridge
    Raclette Perth

    Legend has it that one evening, a preoccupied herdsman left a wheel of Raclette too close to the campfire and it began to melt. The man was too hungry to waste the cheese, so he used his knife to scrape off the melted cheese and decided to eat it. He found it delightful and soon the new way of preparing Raclette spread throughout the area.


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